Featured Fellow Texan!

Howdy adventurers! This week I surfed through WordPress to find blogs similar to mine to get some fresh ideas. Overall, there were few blogs that featured the secret places in Texas. (But perhaps that’s a good thing?) However, I did come across a blog that I genuinely found interesting. I don’t know about you guys, but I am very picky about what I read on my phone at 2 a.m. when I should be sleeping…

Anyhow, this blog is called McGee Travel Tales, and I have the link to her blog here. What I like about this blog is that it explores lesser-known areas in (mostly in) Texas, but also spots worldwide.

I seriously cannot articulate how unfathomably massive Texas is, so I always flock to a blog that can direct me to places I never would think to visit.

Another thing I respect is an author who has something interesting to share and is excited in every post they make. The author of this blog, Laci McGee, is a captivating writer, and she is genuine in every post.

Not only does Laci explore state parks and ancient bridges in Florence, Italy, she explores eateries, and shares hearty recipes, and lovely pieces of literature.

What has inspired me most about Laci’s blog is that with Texas being so huge, why only explore the natural parts of it? What I want to begin featuring more are the lesser-known places in Texas where we come together. Hopefully in the coming weeks to feature where Texans eat, drink, or spend the day together.

Screenshot of website.
A screenshot of Laci’s blog page.

I appreciate how minimalistic Laci’s blog site is. I know I am probably one of the few people that get really bothered by little nuances in color scheme, but this site really is tasteful for the eye. Not to mention, I was able to recommend it to my parents. It’s so easy to navigate, a boomer could do it!

Alright, this concludes my spread of sunshine for the week. I hope you can support my featured, fellow Texan, Laci McGee!

You can follow Laci on:

Please give me suggestions on lesser-known gems in Texas to explore next!

One reply to “Featured Fellow Texan!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my blog! I work really hard to give people good, precise information about new places to explore and new recipes to try.


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